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To find out more, and to donate to BBC Children in Need, please visit bbc.co.uk/pudsey


Welcome Break has chosen Children in Need as its charity of choice and raised over £575,000 for this great cause last year. This choice means that we must also find space to display Children in Need collection boxes during the same time period as the Poppy Appeal.


Welcome Break continues to support the Poppy Appeal at all 27 of its locations across the UK. Poppy collection boxes will be visible at all sites throughout the campaign and collectors will be welcome on site in the run up the Remembrance Sunday.


We believe customers will understand that it’s important for us to prioritise our official charity of choice and whilst we have the utmost respect for the Poppy Appeal, and will display collection boxes at every available opportunity, we don’t want to overload our customers with charitable requests. 

Days Inn
Fantastic Offers
Journey Planner
Children In Need Trucker
Coach Drivers
Truck Drivers
The Family Fill Up

BBC Children in Need

BBC Children in Need

Welcome Break is proud to support BBC Children in Need.

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