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We know you are under pressure to get your passengers safely and comfortably to their destinations and we believe our facilities, food offers and brands make this possible. Welcome Break are proud to have dedicated Coach Hosts at many of our sites to make your stop with us go as smoothly as possible. We are working on extending this service to other motorway service areas.

All coach drivers are now entitled, for the 1p meal contribution, to choose one of the following meal options: Harry Ramsden's £6* BK/KFC - Up to £6* or Starbucks - Up to £5*. *Additional amounts can be paid for in cash or in £2 Reward Vouchers** (**but no change will be given). *Additional amounts can be paid in cash or £2 reward vouchers**

If you are travelling with passengers you're also entitled to a £2 voucher OR a £1 Love2shop voucher (the high street gift voucher) Simply show your coach driver ID and log in on site.

In the meantime, please use the contact details on the website to get in touch with the motorway services directly - they are there to help!


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