Coach Drivers Policy


When calling at a Welcome Break Motorway service area with or without passengers and in a professional capacity you are invited to eat for the nominal charge of 1p on presentation of a valid coach ID at the following outlets

Burger King (£6)*

KFC (£6)*

Starbucks (£5)*

Harry Ramsden  (£6)*

All food and drinks should be consumed on the premises wherever possible. If you require food to take away please speak to our Duty Manager who will be pleased to help.

If you are travelling with passengers you are entitled to a £2 voucher OR a £1 Love to Shop voucher

WB has the right to remove this promotion without prior notice

*Additional amounts can be paid in cash or £2 reward vouchers.  No change will be given.


In the absence of a membership card our teams have been charged with ensuring our valued coach drivers are treated with respect and have the opportunity to receive the relevant benefit if they so wish. We believe that our teams on the front line are best placed to make the correct decision whilst you are visiting our sites.

With this in mind please be aware that the manager on duty is responsible for the final decision on all coach driver benefits.

All we ask is that you are in a professional capacity. Our teams have been briefed to check for uniforms, I.D badges, Job Sheets and obviously passengers, but we also accept that in our busy environment these checks are sometimes not easy or perfect. With this in mind your help and support in making it easy for us to identify you would be appreciated.

You will be required to complete the Coach Drivers Logging Sheet, which allows us to monitor the use of the scheme. We would really appreciate your support in completing this document; again any concerns can be dealt with by the team on duty at each service area.


It is our intention to reward coach drivers who bring passengers and therefore potential customers into our service areas, therefore whenever you do we will issue a voucher to the value of 

- WB £2 voucher per visit per driver

-  or £1 Love to Shop voucher per visit per driver

The WB voucher will be redeemable against any purchase in our W.H.Smiths and Waitrose retail shops (excluding fuel, lottery, tobacco, alcohol or accommodation) or to supplement your meal choice.

Vouchers must be redeemed within their expiry date, and cannot be exchanged or replaced once this date has expired.


Please remember that all of our benefits are aimed at Coach Drivers, Hosts and Hostesses who are bringing passengers into our service areas. The manager on duty will always make the final decision. In the event of any doubt around identification, we would ask for your support whilst making these decisions.

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