Truck Drivers

With Great facilities at our sites, why not stay the night with Welcome Break.
Great food to eat on site or take away ranging from great coffee in Starbucks to the Full English Breakfast in EATIN.
Or, if time is of the essence, grab a take away from any unit including BK and KFC. Make the most of your stop by using the FREE showers and purchasing items ‘to go’ from Waitrose and Forecourts.

FREE, clean and up to date Shower facilities are available at all sites excluding Derby and are open 24/7. Please do contact us if you find any issues.

All parking areas at Welcome Break are covered by Automated Number Plate Recognition (A.N.P.R). The first 2 hours are free, thereafter charges apply. Simply click on the prices link for site specific information.

Failure to pay will result in a Parking Charge Notice (PCN).

There are two types of parking permit that can be purchased on the day: -

  1. A standard tariff to park
  2. A permit that includes a meal voucher, value of voucher ranges from £7 to £10



Whether it is pay as you go or a fixed rate Welcome Break are able to offer a competitive rate. For further information simply click on the accounts section.

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Haribo 160g bags only £1

BBC Children in Need

BBC Children in Need

Welcome Break is proud to support BBC Children in Need.

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