fuelgood PowerPlus Unleaded – Facts


  1. fuelgood PowerPlus Unleaded is a higher octane fuel with a fully synthetic multifunctional additive package which is more suitable for higher performance engines. It’s better for your engine as it maintains cleanliness of your intake system and protects your engine’s parts. It’s better for the environment by keeping the intake system of your engine cleaner, this results in lower emissions long-term, having a positive impact on the environment.

    Note: fuelgood PowerPlus Unleaded has the same additive level as the standard Unleaded, but it has a higher octane level (97 vs 95).

Environmental Facts

  1. In fuelgood PowerPlus Unleaded, 5% Bioethanol is added which reduces Co2 emissions. fuelgood PowerPlus products contain additives which allow the engine to perform more efficiently therefore reducing HC, CO and NOx emissions.

    Note – fuel consumption reduction with fuelgood PowerPlus fuel may vary depending on the frequency of vehicle servicing, ambient and driving conditions.

Typical Analysis

  1. PropertiesTypical ValueUnitAnalysis Method
    Density720 – 772g/lEN ISO 3675
    Vapour pressure, summer69 – 3KPaEN 13016 – 1
    Vapour pressure, winter100KPaEN 13016 – 1
    Sulphur Contentmax 8.4ppmEN ISO 13032
    Benzene contentmax 1,00% – volEN 238
    Octane number RONmin 95EN ISO 5164

Terms & conditions

  1. Please note: Fuel consumption reduction and other benefits may vary according to vehicle type, vehicle condition, frequency of servicing and maintenance, driving conditions and driving style.