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10 tips to make the best of Summer camping!


Date Posted: 03-08-2018

With festival season in full swing and the school holidays in full swing, many of us are getting ready for some rare nights under the stars. Not all of us are expert campers, so we’ve gathered 10 tips to help you make the best of your plans.

These are handy pieces of advice to cover the small things – the things you don’t think of first – but might make a big impact on your trip.

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01 – Get your pitch right!

If your pitch isn’t pre-booked, spend as much time as you need to find the right place. Avoid the bottom of the hill in case it rains. Find plenty of space from facilities such as bars and loos – or you’ll be awake through the night as fellow campers trudge past your tent.

02 – Get a trolley!

If you’re lucky enough to have your car next to the pitch, you’ll have everything at hand. If your pitch is a little further, you could be negotiating all sorts of obstacles, or you could be parked miles away. Drop into WHSmith at Welcome Break and pick up a Festival Trolley for only £16!

03 – Give that new tent a dress rehearsal!

For those of us not sporting top-of-the range self-inflating tents, it might be worth pitching your new tent in the garden before your trip. Get to know the instructions so you can cut down on those frustrations on the big day!

04 – Get a headtorch!

There’s nothing quite as challenging as putting up a tent after dark or finding your way to the loos in the early hours with just one pair of hands. Headtorches are a must and you’ll find one at WHSmith for as little as £5.

05 – Keep that phone on!

For the really keen planners amongst you, it’s worth digging out one of your old mobiles and getting a pay-as-you-go SIM. Older phones use less battery and your life won’t end if you lose it. If you’re bringing your current phone, get yourself a battery charger from Welcome Break and when you don’t need to data, put it on Airplane Mode!

06 – Trace your pitch!

Whilst those swinging flags at music festivals can be annoying, they serve a worthwhile purpose. If you can, take something visible to mark your pitch place. If you’re retracing your journey back from the main stage through tens of thousands of festival goers – it might save a lot of stress!

07 – First and thirst aid!

It’s the great outdoors so things will happen. So it’s worth adding a few extra bits on your way down. First things first, check you have a First Aid kit and some painkillers to sort those cuts and bruises. You’ll find First Aid kits at Welcome Break for just £4!

You’ll also need plenty of SPF 30 (and SPF 50 for the kids) to protect against that that strange yellow thing in the sky. Again, make that stop at Welcome Break on the way and we’ll have you covered.

And don’t forget that keeping hydrated is important. So grab some bottles of cool Lucozade Sport for the journey: the carbohydrates, along with the sodium in it, will help you keep going!

08 – Dress for all occasions!

We live in the Northern Hemisphere and our summers aren’t always, well… summery! Pack waterproofs and wind proofs in case the weather turns.

09 – Clean up and recycle!

Take some big bin bags and act responsibly with your rubbish at the end of your trip. Every site will offer recycling facilities, so take the time to sort what’s left once the tent is packed. Try not to leave anything behind.

10 – Have some fun!

If you’re well prepared, then the small things will be covered to let you enjoy the biggest thing – FUN! Whether you’re walking Lakeland fells, moshing with your friends to the headline act or simply spending time with family, plan to enjoy it. If you drop into Welcome Break on your trip out, you’ll find some last minute must-haves including CDs for the journey, camping chairs, water pistols, glow sticks and even inflatable unicorns!

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