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Get #FestReady with 10 must do #FestHacks


Date Posted: 02-06-2017

We hope to see you on your festival journeys this year and to help you get in the spirit we’ve pulled together a list of great #FestHacks from seasoned revellers. They won’t cost you much and following just some of these will take away some unwanted stresses, leaving you to enjoy the music and come up smiling on the Monday morning.

One – Get a cheap phone!

It might seem extravagant, but a non-smart phone doesn’t cost much these days. Sure, you might not come home with a thousand selfies, but your battery will last ages on one charge and the world won’t end if you lose it.

Two – Use Airplane mode!

If selfies and Facebook access are must, use Airplane mode as much as you can to save your battery. If you’re lacking charge on your way to the festival, you’ll find plug sockets and USB chargers at all Welcome Break locations to get you back to 100%!

Three – Pitch that tent wisely!

Don’t pitch next to a path (passing revellers will cause no end of problems through the night). Don’t go too close to the loos, for obvious reasons and avoid the bottom of a hill. You can almost guarantee rain and you don’t want to be floating out of the festival grounds during a downpour.

Four – Take a pop-up tent

You don’t need an eight-person marquee, unless you’re planning a private gig of course! Pop-ups are cheap, up in seconds and you won’t be too upset if they doesn’t survive the journey home with you.

Five – Take a sleeping mat

You’ll find a cheap one online or at your local camping shop. You’ll sleep much better, as you’ll need to be bright as a button for a full day’s revelling!

Six – Flags and balloons!

When you need to find the tent, you’re going to struggle to find your way through a thousand tents just like yours. Flags or helium balloons will mark your spot from a mile away!

Seven – Don’t get sunburnt!

You might have packed the brolly and wetsuit to survive a monsoon, but don’t underestimate what a sunny weekend can do. Sunburn will ruin your night and can make you very ill. Take a hat and some SPF 15 at least! You can purchase sun cream at Welcome Break on the way to the festival.

Eight – Don’t forget the wipes!

No brainer this one. You try finding a free shower on Sunday morning. Take two packs and dispose of them responsibly. You can pick these up on the way at WHSmith and Waitrose at all Welcome Break locations.

Of course, if you do need to take that one last shower before you go, or need to feel human on the way back, you’ll find FREE showers at all Welcome Break locations.

Nine – take a bum bag!

Aarrgh… are you serious? Okay, so they be a favourite among middle-aged American tourists and an absolute no-no in the fashion stakes. However, there is nothing more convenient for stowing essentials from stage to stage and you’ll avoid the hourly panic as you pat your pockets for the phone!

Ten – Cereal bars and water

Cereal bars are convenient, a great source of natural energy and it will keep you away from burger vans at breakfast. Forgot to pack some? No problem, you’ll find a choice at WHSmith and Waitrose at all Welcome Break locations.

You’ll also need plenty of fluids, so pick up a couple of bottles of chilled water at Welcome Break before you get to the festival. And as an extra-hack, keep hold of the bottle tops so you can use them to cap open bottles on sale when you get there!

Be our guest and get first to the gate!

If you’re looking to get your tent on the best spot, you’ll find a Welcome Break hotel close to many of this year’s festival sites. We have family rooms from as little as £29*. You’ll arrive early, fresh and fully charged (just like your phone) ready to enjoy the music and fun. Find a hotel here.

There’s nothing quite so magic as a Great British Music Festival and we envy you all. However, we’ll be open 24/7 at every Welcome Break location, so you can find some time to relax, enjoy some of your favourite food brands and pick up some last-minute essentials. You’ll also find FREE shower facilities to return you to humanity and free Wi-Fi to upload your festival photo galleries.

And if you’re stopping by, don’t forget to tweet that #MotorwaySelfie with #FestReady when you stop off at a Welcome Break. If we retweet it, you could win a £5 Welcome Break voucher!

* Use offer code: Breakaway when booking.

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