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Looking for a healthy work out? Stay in the car.


Date Posted: 13-09-2019

It’s National Fitness Day on 25th September, so it’s time to keep that summer fitness going and arrive in good shape for Christmas.

Keeping your healthy fitness plan going doesn’t always need a sweaty training montage to ta Rocky movie soundtrack. Even the little things can start to make a difference and even some you can do from the comfort of your own car. So next time you call in at Welcome Break, why not try a healthy 5 Point Workout?

All you need is a safe parking area and a tennis ball. Just a ten minute work out will get the blood pumping, the muscles flexed and burn a few of those Autumn calories. Switch your engine off before you get started (of course).*

So let’s start with your breathing first.

Before you undertake any exercise, getting your breathing right gets you in the right mood and soothes some of that tension. Breathe in and count to five and breathe out slowly. Repeat twice.

Now you’re ready.

1. Start with your abs

Sit straight in your seat and get your back as straight as possible. Move your belly inwards (remaining comfortable) and then tense your abdominal muscles and count down from ten. Repeat 4 times.

2. Now tune those thighs

You might need to adjust your seat here to give you more space. Place a tennis ball between your knees, squeezing hard and counting down from five. Repeat this ten times in one session.

3. Let’s work that neck

This is a great one for reducing stress and tension too. Tilt your head towards your right shoulder, stretching the left side of your neck and count down from ten. Repeat five times for each side of the neck.

4. Tone your chest and shoulders

Get hold of that tennis ball again, holding tightly between the palms of your hands. Lock your fingers over the top of the ball and spread your elbows outwards to align with your chest. Squeeze the ball and count down from ten. Release and repeat 5 times.

5. Don’t forget your wrists and arms

Keeping a hold of that tennis ball in one hand, squeeze the ball as hard as you can and count to 3. Release and repeat 5 times with each hand.

And you’re done.

Don’t forget to find a safe parking area at Welcome Break and turn the engine off before giving these exercises a go. Who knows, you might take these up regularly and start to see a real difference.

Of course, any healthy living plan will benefit from eating the right food. There is a range of healthy food options available at every Welcome Break.

We look forward to seeing you at Welcome Break on your next journey!

*As with any exercise like this, ensure you’re in a good state of health and see a GP if you’re taking up exercise after a long period of rest.

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