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Which Welcome Break holds your #MotorwayLove?


Date Posted: 08-02-2018

Pick a favourite. That one Welcome Break that holds your #MotorwayLove!

Many of us have a favourite Welcome Break. It might be the one you visited on your holidays as a kid, that last stop before the big summer fests or it might simply be the regular stop on your daily commute.

Whilst it’s changed over the years with new brands and new spaces, it’s still in the same place. That little corner of the country’s roads you keep close to your heart.

It’s Valentine’s day and we want to find out which Welcome Break you all love the best. We’re all making different journeys and calling at Welcome Break for different reasons. And we all have different things we love about our favourite Welcome Break.

So tell us which site you hold the most #MotorwayLove for below and we’ll enter you into a draw to win £50 of vouchers to spend at Welcome Break. (You’ll need a Facebook account to enter).

We hope to see you soon at your favourite Welcome Break soon and wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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