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Our Customers

Without our customers we don’t exist.

We are very proud to welcome over 85 million customers into our amenities every year. At every opportunity, we offer them a warm welcome, serve them perfect products speedily and ensure they know we appreciate their custom.

Every journey plays a part in their story; the holiday, the amusement park, the second round of the FA cup, the festival, friends, relatives, the big presentation, the weekend escape. We play a key role in all these journeys and it’s a lot more emotional than a quick pit stop.

We are the point when the key part of the journey is done. We are the reward, we are the start of the final leg, we are the gateway to the holiday, or that quick coffee before they get home.

Welcome Break customers

Our customers want to feel they are being rewarded, stopping at Welcome Break is something they look forward to and to meet this we ensure our teams deliver an unexpectedly human experiences, wherever we can everyday.

From the friendly hello we give the couple arriving for breakfast, to the helping hand we offer the father wrestling with a screaming toddler.

It’s the pristine table a family find as they search for somewhere to sit together, the care we give to the elderly couple at the recycling station, to the supplies we keep stocked up at the baby station.

It’s the safe journeys we wish to those heading onwards, its all the things that we do to connect with our customers, which make us Unexpectedly Human.

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