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The Future

Corporate Social Responsibility is a key success factor in our business and we take it seriously.

We will continue to manage all areas of our business to reduce waste to as low a level as possible.

From a Health and Safety point of view we review and update our policies, procedures and systems to ensure we have the most effective risk management processes in place; to ensure the continued well-being and safety of all our customers and teams.

We ensure that we work with companies that have strong CSR policies and plans to further improve this continuously.

We also review products, systems and procedures to ensure our continued compliance with all relevant safety and environmental legislation. We continue to monitor usage of products, ensuring our teams are handling and disposing of them in a safe manner and one which reduces the impact on the environment

Burger King will be reviewing their drinks range to bring in more sugar free products.

Starbucks are also reducing sugar by 25% in their ranges by 2020. As well as trialling recycling if paper cups. This will be tested in 20 stores so we understand what works best for the customers.

Furthermore, they will be accepting cups from all coffee shops and not just Starbucks cups.

KFC will be launching a UK wide Food Donation Scheme in 2017.

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