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fuelgood PowerPlus – Frequently Asked Questions

What is fuelgood PowerPlus and what is the difference to our fuelgood base fuel?

Fuelgood PowerPlus Unleaded

fuelgood PowerPlus Unleaded is a higher octane fuel with a fully synthetic multifunctional additive package which is more suitable for higher performance engines. It’s better for your engine as it maintains cleanliness of your intake system and protects your engine’s parts. It’s better for the environment by keeping the intake system of your engine cleaner, this results in lower emissions long-term, having a positive impact on the environment.

Fuelgood PowerPlus Diesel

fuelgood PowerPlus Diesel includes a higher concentration of a deposit control additive which actively cleans up your engine and enhances performance in all types of diesel engines. Regular use of fuelgood PowerPlus Diesel restores, maintains and enhances engine performance, helping your car’s engine to run better. At the recommended dosage it provides diesel fuel with rapid removal / prevention of injector deposits in modern direct injection and indirect injection engines, helping maintain full engine power.

What are the benefits of new fuelgood PowerPlus?

fuelgood PowerPlus is a premium fuel more suitable for high performance engines, enabling our customers to get the best out of their car. It maintains the cleanliness of their engine’s intake system, protecting the engine parts for a superior driving experience.

Are fuelgood PowerPlus products better for the environment?

Yes, fuelgood PowerPlus products contain additives which allow the engine to perform better therefore decreasing the chance of incomplete combustion therefore reducing HC, CO and NOx emissions.

How are fuelgood PowerPlus products tested?

Our fuelgood PowerPlus products (both diesel and unleaded) are tested against standard BS EN 590 and BS EN 228.

Who tests the fuelgood PowerPlus products?

We used an independent third party supplier, one of the world’s leading chemical companies to ensure we could deliver a superior quality product to our customers.

Where is fuelgood PowerPlus fuel available?

Our fuelgood PowerPlus fuel is currently available at Welcome Break branded forecourts.

Terms & conditions

Please note: Fuel consumption reduction and other benefits may vary according to vehicle type, vehicle condition, frequency of servicing and maintenance, driving conditions and driving style.

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