Fair Pay

Since 2017, Welcome Break, alongside all UK companies with 250 or more employees, has been required to analyse its gender pay gap and report its results, in line with UK Government legislative guidelines.

Committed to accountability

The business is committed to this opportunity to remain accountable and continue to close this gap and sees the Gender Pay Gap Report as a vital step in addressing equality, equity and pay transparency in the workplace.

Welcome Break is pleased to continue its commitment to provide a Values-driven culture that promotes these virtues for all its people.

Our business comprises a number of disciplines in the hospitality sector including hotels, forecourts, retail, catering units and restaurants alongside its support centre and we are, rightly, proud of our diverse and inclusive culture.

Authentically equitable We aim to create an authentically equitable workplace where all our team members can thrive, regardless of age, gender, background, religion, race or ethnicity, without showing favour to any one group. As with our customers - Welcome Break is for everyone.

We believe that it is this authenticity that will deliver a truly equitable culture where everyone has the same opportunity to reach their potential and realise their ambitions. This, in turn, will ensure that, as a leader in the hospitality sector, we can ensure we attract and retain the very best talent available.

Our commitment to paying every person fairly is central to this and we will continue to work to ensure this is the case.


John Diviney

CEO Welcome Break