Corporate social responsibility


Health and safety

As a company, we provide suitable facilities and resources along with appropriate systems, policies and procedures to ensure we can safeguard all of those working, visiting or eating and drinking at our sites each day.

Our priority is to ensure we safeguard our customers and all our teams by controlling the hazards in our workplace to prevent accidents and incidents.

To help us achieve this, systems based on the principle of risk assessment have been developed and implemented. Where relevant, we work with our brand partners to help achieve the best standards we can. We recognise that our teams play an integral part in this and we provide them with the information, instruction, training and supervision needed.

Detergents and chemicals

We ensure that all chemicals and detergents are sourced from reputable manufacturers who are compliant with all the relevant safety and environmental legislation. We train our teams on how to safely and correctly handle these products. We ensure all products are disposed of in a manner that does not impact on the environment.