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How to access our free Wi-Fi

1. Make sure you have enabled the wireless functionality, right click onto the wireless network icon (in the box, bottom right of screen).
2. Choose ‘View Available Wireless Networks’.
3. Select ‘BTWIFI’ from this list and click ‘connect’.
4. Open the internet browser window and the wi-fi landing page should appear. If it does not, enter ‘’ into the address bar. Click on the ‘Access Free Wi-Fi Now’ button (bottom left of black box) to log on.
5. Once connected, minimise your browser or open a new tab, keeping this window open so you can log out at the end of the session

Frequently Asked Questions

What should a user do if they experience problems connecting to the Free Wi-Fi service?

They should first ensure the following:

  • That the device is wireless enabled
  • That the correct network SSID: “BT Wi-fi” is selected
  • The “Access FREE Wi-Fi Now” button has been clicked on the landing page

If they are still having problems they can contact the BT Wi-fi helpdesk: 0800 022 33 22

Is there a timeout period?

There are no free wi-fi session length restrictions. Once logged in, if it is unused for 15 minutes, it will automatically log the user out of the session.

Can you log off after a few minutes and then use it again a few hours later?

Yes, you can log in and out of the free Wi-Fi as often as you like.

Can users of other Wi-Fi providers use the free BT Wi-fi service?

Yes, all users can use this service for free by clicking on the ‘Access FREE Wi-Fi button’ regardless of whether they have another account with another provider.

Is the service the same as the paid-for BT Wi-fi?

Yes, apart from the log in requirements.

If you already have a BT Wi-fi account, can you use it here?

Yes, there is a standard log in field for existing account holders on the landing page, if you would rather use your usual details, or if your wireless device has the account details preconfigured.

How do I get back to the log on / log off page?

Just go to, this will take you to the log out page, if you are logged in. If you are not logged in it will take you to the log in page.

Does BT Wi-fi use cookies?

Yes it does. Details of which can be found here in BT Wi-fi’s privacy policy:

What happens if I don’t log off and I go to another hotspot?

You will be logged off the FREE Wi-Fi service automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. If you go to another ‘BT Wi-fi’ hotspot which is not free like ours, you will have to pay to use the service.

Useful contacts & assistance

BT Wi-Fi helpdesk: 0800 022 33 22
Online support:

For terms and conditions visit

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